BRPS was founded on 29th of October 2016 by residents in plastic surgery (De Brucker Ben, De Cock Daan & Hilven Paulien) and as of December 7th, 2020, the BRPS is officially registered as BRPS vzw/asbl (by De Cock Daan & Waked Karl). Previously, there existed no organisation for Belgian trainees in plastic surgery. Today, nearly every trainee in plastic surgery is a member of BRPS!

Honorary presidents: Ben De Brucker (2016-2018) - Julien Coulie (2018 - 2020) - Karl Waked (2020 - 2021) - Winston Wittesaele (2021 - 2022)


Abboud Nicolas   De Cock Daan   De Fré Maxime   de Garcia Matilde
Workshops & Sponsors   Webmaster   Vice-president & Treasurer   Social
d'Olne Camille   Kapila Ayush   Poelaert Jeroen   Schouppe Ernest
Secretary & CCP   President   Workshops & Sponsors   Workshops & Sponsors



The BRPS board has direct contacts with the CCP organisation, the RBSPS, junior EURAPS and EURAPS.



Overview of Societies of Plastic Surgery


For a lot of plastic surgeons, the myriad of different organisations Nationally, European and International is confusing. This document explains the difference between the organisations so that the usefulness of membership can be contemplated both by National Societies as well as individual plastic surgeons.



There are basically 3 types of organisations:

1. Federations: Associations of National Societies

2. Individual member organisations (Scientific Societies)

3. Unions (Professional Societies)

Most of them are (International) Non-Profit Organisations (NPO)


Another way of looking at the plastic surgery societies is on their focus; here we see three categories:

A. Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic or general Societies

B. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

C. Subspecialty organisations (Rhinoplasty, Micro, Burns, Hand etc)


  European International
  General Aesthetic  General Aesthetic
Individual members EURAPS ESAPS AAPS ISAPS
Unions UEMS (EBOPRAS)      


Additionally, there are organisations with a focus on research:

EURAPS Research Council (ERC) Valuable for residents interested in plastic surgery research; both reconstructive and aesthetic research; and both basis and clinical research
European Plastic Surgery Research Council (EPSRC) Very accessible European organisation for residents with interest in plastic surgery research
Plastic Surgery Research Council (PRSC) (USA) American research council for residents with interest in plastic surgery research



Federations are organisations who want to represent National Societies and support them on European level. They ask a membership fee from the National Societies. This can be a fixed fee or a per member fee

On European level ESPRAS (the European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) intends to represent the general National Societies. EASAPS (European Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies) represents all National Aesthetic Societies and General Societies for the aesthetic aspects of our specialty.

On International level IPRAS used to be the global organisation representing all general societies but after the Zita catastrophe they disappeared and in 2016 a new organisation was formed ICOPLAST (International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies). 


Individual members

Plastic surgeons generally join their general National Society, in many countries a separate Aesthetic Societies exists. In some countries there are other individual Member Societies that plastic surgeons can join often focusing on subspecialties such as hand, microsurgery, craniofacial, etc. A membership fee is generally paid by the individual plastic surgeon.

On European level EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) focuses on high standard plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons can join once proposed by two full members and after presenting at a EURAPS meeting. AAPS (American Association of Plastic Surgery) is the American sister association of EURAPS and focuses on both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery). It is an academic organisation and membership application happens identical to EURAPS applications. ESAPS (European Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) represents all plastic surgeons with an aesthetic interest and promotes membership of National Societies. All board-certified Plastic Surgeons can join.

Sub-specialty organisations cover one specific field of plastic surgery. Interesting organisations for Belgian residents include the WSRM (World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery) and ASRM (American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery) among others.



In most countries there are two types of plastic surgery organisations: most are Scientific Societies focusing on exchange of information, organising congresses etc. The other type is the so-called professional society they are the doctors equivalent of a Union. This is generally organised for all doctors, with subsections for the different specialties. In Belgium this is VBS/GBS. In Europe this is UEMS (Union Européenne des Médicins Spécialistes) , we know them as the organization handing out CME(Continuous Medical Education)-points and organizing the EBOPRAS exams. EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) is a working group of the subsection UEMS-PRAS.



National Societies can decide to join the federations of National Societies that support them. A membership fee is requested for this:

Organisation Fee
UEMS  Paid through contribution to National Professional Society 
UEMS-PRAS 7 € / member of the National Society
EASAPS 250 € for societies with less than 100 members otherwise 500 €
ICOPLAST Paid through contribution to National Professional Society